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Cooking Games For Little Kids

cooking games for little kids

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Listen up, Pilgrim

Listen up, Pilgrim

buckaroo kid tagged me, and now I have to divulge 16 half-truths about myself, then pass the curse on to 16 more unsuspecting rubes. Rather than protest, I was going to bare my filthy soul. (however, I've just been informed Miss Retro Modern that I tagged her earlier for a challenge she was already tagged for. See how silly this is?) As a result, I will just post this photo of me back in my cattle rustlin' days.

OK, uncle.

1. On my first day of kindergarten, a girl brought cupcakes for the
class and put the box on the sunny windowsill in the morning. When it
was time to eat them in the afternoon, I said out loud, "I bet they're
rotten", which, though sounding quite cruel, was actually just my way
of saying that the icing had probably melted, but simply didn't know
the right word. The teacher made me stand in the corner, and so began
my career as a career juvie.
All the other kids died of food poisoning, but I survived, not having
been given a cupcake. OK, that part's not true. But I thought it at
the time.

2. A girl once gave me a hickey, and I told my parents there was a
fight, and some guy kicked another guy, and his foot grazed my neck.
God, they must have peed their pants laughing at that story once I was
out of earshot. I'm far more creative now.

3. I don't have a cell phone.

4. When I was kid, I had a board game called Uncle Wiggly. The highest
number on the board was 151, and for a long time, I thought that was
simply as high as numbers went. Obviously, once I got into
engineering, I found out there were higher numbers.

5. I've only had one cavity in my life. My parents were sure in was
the fluoridated water, but I was convinced it was Kraft Dinner.

6. In Nepal, there was a woman from France who told us that the
Nepalese all had white teeth because they ate lots of white rice. I
decided then that people should have to pass tests before they're
allowed to get a passport and leave their own country.

7. What, I'm only at 7?

8. I'd move to the country in a second if not for the lack of
availability of Asian ingredients with which to cook.

9. I still have my very first camera, a Kodak Instamatic X-15.

10. In my entire 25 year engineering career, I've never had to look
for job, as they've all just fallen into my lap. I don't know how it
happens, but it just does.

11. In the past few years, I have gained an incredible respect for
people who care for the elderly. I've no idea how they are able to
muster up so much kindness and compassion for strangers.

12. I think snow is funny.

13. Like Ricky Gervais, I don't think obesity is a disease. It's just
eating too much.

14. I am intolerant of intolerance. I absolutely loathe any form of
bigotry, and nobody gets a second chance with me once they show their
true colours.

15. I need mountains the way some people need the ocean.

16. I never understood people who resort to personal insults when discussing moronic issues like Mac v. PC, Nikon v. Canon, etc. In fact, I never understood why anyone would give a rat's ass about such trivial things.

176. Be one of Santa's elves at the mall

176. Be one of Santa's elves at the mall

Merry Christmas :)

Well woke up in the morning and waited for everyone else to get up n start moving around. Once everyone was up we started opening presents. It was Kat, Cody, Ellen, Gary, Shawn, George, n Gingy. It was pretty fun. I didnt expect to get much of anything but I got a stocking full of candies n fruit n socks n what not. I got a 1000 peice puzzle n a rose scented bath set from Ellen. And GOW3 and SC4 from Katkat n Cody. I got my brother a $20 PSN card n he was happy with that n I got Kat a leaf ashtray that she was happy about cause apparently something happened to her last one lol I wasnt aware of this, I just got lucky!
After presents they started cooking. I showered. I dont remember what happened in between that n eating, just hanging out I guess. But food was good, I got very full lol. I like it when Shawns around cause I always have more to eat lol. My rib started to hurt so I laid down n tried not to cry. They started playing Monopoly n I started playing Dante's Inferno, 4 hours later they were done n I had beat the game. Now I just have to rebeat it on hard n 100% it, I only have 45% right now :/ During this 4 hours I talked to mom twice, Chad, Shyanne, Kurtis, my Grampy, n my aunt. Holidays bring too many phone calls, I hate talking on the phone!
We hung out a little more but bed time came shortly after. I read Feed for a little while n then went to bed.
I miss Ryan an insane amount right now. Iv spent days without seeing him before so I dont know why its so hard now, maybe its cause its a holiday or maybe its because hes soo far away. Im not sure but it sucks n I wanna cry. I just wanna see him. But I am happy hes with his family so I wont cry, yet lol. But I still have quite a few days to go.

Sticky note. I want to be one of the elves at the mall who help the little kids get their picture taken with Santa. I have no idea how u go about landing that job but I think itd be so much fun! I love Christmas, I love kids, it sounds perfect lol.

cooking games for little kids

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